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Anger Management

Whether you're explosive or tend to suppress your anger, we can help you better manage the emotion that often affects relationships.

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Couple Therapy

Relationships are often what we have most precious. Sometimes we need help repairing a bad relationship.

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Self-esteem is the feeling or belief of having value as a person. Psychotherapy is a good place to cultivate it.

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Relief for Depression

Depression is a disease that affects almost one in 15 people. We can help you overcome your difficulties.

The Montreal Psychologists Network

Highly Professional Psychotherapists

The Montreal Psychologists Network inc. was founded in 2019 by the psychologist Martin Belzile. This group of psychologists and candidates for the psychologist profession has been formed to meet the growing demand for qualified psychotherapists in Montreal.

Psychologists and future psychologists working for the MPN have completed a Ph.D. in clinical psychology or are in the process of completing it. These studies allowed them to develop a know-how and a well-being in psychotherapy to help clients who come to consult them. They are mostly trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, an approach based on a greater understanding of the unconscious mechanisms that shape the mode of relationship.

Each year, MPN members attend different trainings and meet with supervisors to ensure that their practice is tailored to the needs of their clients and meet the requirements of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec (which oversees the work of psychologists in Quebec).

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Montreal Psychologists Network

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Working method

How can we help you

First contact on the phone

During a phone call, you explain what makes you apply for help. The therapist explains how they work. If you judge that you can work together, you set an appointment that suits you both.

First Session

During the first meeting, we try to determine more precisely what brings you into psychotherapy. The psychologist tries to understand the nature of your difficulties and how you can work together to solve them. You can then ask questions about the coming sessions.

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Second Session

The second meeting allows us to trace your personal story: family of origin, experiences in school, meaningful relationships, professional background. All with the objective of knowing who you are in order to offer you a personalized psychotherapy.

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Third Session (and beyond)

It is from the third interview that we share the information collected to determine the therapeutic mandate. You will agree with the therapist on a way of doing things and on goals.


What former clients told us             

In order to preserve confidentiality, the names and personal details of the clients have been removed.

Therapeutic process

Three-stage psychotherapy

Whether the therapy lasts three sessions or several years, the three stages of therapy are always the same.


Exploring the difficulties


Assessment of the person


Analysis of the therapeutic relationship

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