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Montreal Psychologists Network (MPN) was founded in 2019 by Dr Martin Belzile, psychologist. He was pursuing two goals. First, he wanted to offer to Montreal residents affordable yet highly professional services. Second, he wanted to build a team of psychodynamically-oriented psychologists. In that team, he was planning to include PhD/PsyD candidates (ie future psychologists at the end of their degree). In doing so, he hoped they would get a relevant and challenging working experience.

Different Backgrounds | Same Orientation

Both our psychologists and PhD/PsyD candidates are psychodynamically oriented. That means that they work with the uncounscious dynamics that shape and drive behaviours, including relationships.

Montreal Psychologists Network

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Weekly Meetings

Every week, our members gather to help each other, to discuss about difficulties they face, to better understand their clients, and to update their knowledge.

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Continuing Education

Every year, we attend to various trainings to make sure our knowledge and skills are up to date.

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Every year we ask more senior psychologists to help us become better therapists.

Psychodynamically Oriented Psychotherapy

Psychodynamically Oriented Psychotherapy works through interpreting uncounscious process that drive and shape our relationships with others and with ourselves.

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