Martin Belzile, D.Ps., Psychologist

Highly Professional Psychotherapist

I am a psychologist in Montreal and I practice psychotherapy. I mainly use the psychodynamic approach. This approach is based on an understanding of the unconscious processes that influence how we interact with others and with oneself. And it is through the therapeutic relationship that the desired change can occur.

My training

I completed a PsyD in Clinical Psychology at Sherbrooke University. I learned to work according to the three major approaches in psychology: the psychodynamic approach, the cognitive-behavioral approach and the humanistic-existential approach. During my studies, I worked with a diverse clientele, including young adults, men and women with domestic violence difficulties, and couples looking for marriage therapy. After my doctoral studies, I further specialized in couples therapy. I followed the training offered by Dr. André Surprenant in the approach he developed: Integrative Conjugale Intervention (ICI). I was supervised in this learning by Dr. Surprenant himself.

Dr Martin Belzile

Psychotherapy in Montreal

Ordre des psychologists du Québec

Accredited Psychotherapist
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Doctor in Psychology

With 8 years of study in psychology, I am now a PsyD.

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Continuous Education

Every year, I have different training courses to keep my knowledge up to date on the practice of psychotherapy.

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Every year, I ask psychologists who are more experienced than me to help me improve as a psychotherapist.

Psychothérapie psychodynamique

The psychodynamic approach is based on the interpretation of the unconscious processes that drive and shape our relationships with others and with ourselves.

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