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<thérapie pour gestion de colère
Anger Management

Whether you're explosive or have a tendency to repress your anger, we can help you better manage the emotion that often affects relationships.

thérapie de couple
Couple Therapy

Relationships are often what we have most precious. Sometimes we need help to repair a broken relationship.

cultiver l'estime de soi
Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the feeling or belief of having value as a person. Psychotherapy is a good place to cultivate it.

Soulagement de la dépression
Relief of depression

Depression is a sickness that hurts about one in 15 people. We can help you find meaning through despair.

Réduction de l'anxiété
Reduce anxiety

Living with anxiety intensely and every day can greatly diminish a person's quality of life. We can find solutions.

avoir de meilleures relations
Better relations

How to develop and maintain relationships that are more satisfying? How to fix a relationship that we hold dear but feel has been broken?


What former clients say

Before meeting you, I did not even know that I was experiencing anxiety! Today, I know what causes my anxiety symptoms and how to take care of them.


Client who consulted for a problem of "stress"
Two months after the end of the therapy, our relationship continues to improve: we communicate better, we listen more and we manage conflicts.


Client who consulted with her spouse for communication difficulties
All this anger that I have not expressed over the years but that made me bitter about my relationship. I am now able to name my frustrations without fear of hurting others.


Client who consulted for an episode of domestic violence
I have spent years trying to improve , without success. Thanks to the therapy, I understand that I am a good person, that I have nothing to do to convince anyone.


Client who consulted for a problem of self-esteem
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Prix des séances

Two Types of Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy

$150/ each session

50-minute sessions where we explore together, every week, why you're here and how we can help you make the changes you want.

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Couple therapy

$175/ session

Each session lasts 50 minutes. We try to provide you with the means to better communicate, to better manage your conflicts and to find back what made you want to become a couple in the first place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Several scientific studies have shown that a treatment with a psychotherapist who shows excellent interpersonal skills, who knows how to develop a relationship of trust with the client and who takes into account the characteristics of this client is effective in relieving psychological suffering.

How long does a psychotherapy last?

Psychotherapy lasts between one session and 20 years(!).

The factors that influence the duration of a psychotherapy are the client's needs, the psychologist's style and the level of depth where the client is ready and available to explore.

Most insurances reimburse some psychotherapy fees with a psychologist. In addition, receipts given to you at the end of the session may be used for tax purposes.

The psychologist is a health professional who treats distress and other psychological difficulties. Psychologists must have completed 7 to 9 years of university studies in psychology. The psychologist must also attend various trainings throughout his practice in order to stay up to date in his knowledge of psychotherapy.

The psychodynamic approach aims to bring to consciousness the client's difficulties that lead him to repeatedly relive certain suffering. By understanding how past experiences influence the client's current reality, the client can act on this reality to feel better and freer.

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For us to call you in the next 2 business days, leave us your name, phone number and email address.