Atwater Psychologist's Office Contact Information

Adress : 120-2222, René-Lévesque O, Montréal,  Qc, H3H 2T8

Phone : 514.497.8014

Atwater Offices

The suite of offices in which we receive clients in the "Shaughnessy Village" is located close to the Atwater Metro, the old Forum and Alexis- Nihon Square. 2222 René-Lévesque West welcomes several professionals from the Montreal region in an elegant building. Equipped with a lift and toilets on each floor, the building that houses the Montreal Psychologists Network on René-Lévesque is quite inviting.

The Atwater Offices are located in suite 120, on the first floor. There are 6 offices and a conference room. Each office is soundproofed, air conditioned and well lit, to welcome you in a comfortable environment.

We offer psychotherapy and psychometric assessment services.

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