Individual Psychotherapy in Montreal


What is individual psychotherapy?


Individual psychotherapy is the story of an encounter. A client, with his story, his strengths, his weaknesses, his suffering, comes to meet a therapist. A special relationship between these two people will progressively develop over the sessions and give way to more confidence and letting go. Through this relationship, the patient will get to get a clearer picture of who he or she is, to understand him- or herself better.

This therapeutic process allows the patient to know the forces that inhabit it and to tame certain shadows.


What is the use of individual psychotherapy?


Undertaking psychotherapy means taking steps to broaden one's awareness and incorporating some unknown, misunderstood or denied aspects of oneself.


 Generally, the symptoms that make life difficult are signals. A form of warning to indicate that something does not suit us: unrealistic expectations towards oneself or towards others, pursuit of illusory objectives, difficulties to love oneself, need to dominate or fear of the relationship. Individual psychotherapy helps to make sense of these symptoms, which translate into reasons for consultation such as anxiety, depression or obsessions, to name a few.             


The meaning that is found is personal. You are an unique person. You had a special development and experiences that set you apart from other people. By undergoing a therapy, you will have the opportunity to connect or reconnect with your personal truth. We want to help you become the one you really are.

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"Individual psychotherapy is the story of an encounter and a self-discovery."

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How long does this process take?

Psychotherapy can last for a few encounters, or years. The shorter processes aim to shed light on a particular situation in order to release certain resources within oneself. As a result of this step, some people will be able to choose to continue the sessions in order to better understand who they are and what lives in them. After all, as Jungian analyst Murray Stein put it, " the human soul is as vast to visit as the physical universe "!


Why be involved in his therapy?


For an individual psychotherapy to be effective, it implies a real engagement of the patient. One must be present at each session, lasting 50 minutes per week, and must agree to reveal oneself and be seen by the therapist. He must also be in a spirit of collaboration in order to understand what is in oneself. Throughout the sessions and depending on the difficulty that arises, the psychologist will sometimes support, sometimes confront.

What is the course of individual psychotherapy?

Undertaking a therapy always begins with a first meeting with the psychologist to establish a first contact. It is during this interview that the reason for consultation and the number of sessions will be defined. As meetings progress, goals may be re-evaluated as needed.

Usually, therapy ends when the patient and the therapist agree that it is no longer appropriate to continue. The reasons may be diverse; either because the objectives were achieved, either for monetary issues, unsuitable hours, or a move. The therapist is still available to start a new therapy if the patient feels the need.

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If you are wondering about the relevance of starting an individual psychotherapy or if you feel the need to be listened to and advised by a therapist, do not hesitate to contact Montreal Psychologists Network.

All of our professionals have recognized training and the skills to accompany you in the best way possible throughout your therapy.

We invite you to ask all your questions during the first session, so that we can agree on how to proceed in the following meetings.

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