Reasons For Consultation

What motivates people to undergo a psychotherapy?

The reasons for seeking psychological help can be many. Some people experience a soul-ache without being able to name what's wrong. They would like to get better, but sometimes do not dare to ask for help because they can not identify what's wrong. Some people do not know that they suffer from psychological symptoms. They will not have the reflex to consult a psychologist.

Reasons for consultation in psychotherapy


This page presents a not complete list of reasons that may lead to a request for consultation with a clinical psychologist. Some may recognize themselves in the brief descriptions offered for each of these reasons.

Reasons for consultation in psychotherapy

The reasons for asking for psychological help can be many.

Reasons for consultation in psychotherapy


Main manifestations: fear, irritability, difficulties               of concentration, sleep difficulties             


Main manifestations: sadness, guilt,               pessimism, lack of energy, drive and pleasure             


Love problems with spouse, difficulties with   communication, conflict resolution / crisis, sexual problems. May lead to Couple Therapy or Individual Therapy.             

Difficulties               of self esteem

Main manifestations: feeling of little value, of being without   interest for oneself or others             

Emotional dependence

Main manifestations: intense fear of losing a loved one,               idealization of this being, obsession for this being (whether the relationship is real or fantasized)             


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Managing the               Anger

Repeated angry outbursts, loss of control, repressed anger             

Panic Attacks

Main manifestations: anxiety crisis often accompanied by   symptoms related to heart attack;             

Personality Disorders

Main manifestations: recurrent and frustrating relational difficulties              

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Main manifestations: invading thoughts, impulses or images (obsessions) of which one defends oneself with the aid of repetitive behaviors (compulsions)             


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Bipolar Disorder

Main manifestations: large fluctuations in               mood, difficulty regulating emotions, periods of intense               energy followed by deep depression             


Loss of a loved one or a dream             


Main manifestations: inability to meet               workplace demands             


Difficulty with the end of a meaningful relationship             


Feelings of being alone and not being able to connect with people             

Gender Identity

Deep questions about being a man or a woman             

Sexual orientation

Questions about loving a man or a woman.             


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There are several other reasons to consult a psychologist. If you have any questions after reading this page, we invite you to contact us .

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