Rosemont clinic details


Address: 3232, Bélanger E, Montreal, Qc, H1Y3H5


Phone: 514.554.8279

Psychologue Rosemont Centre de réadaptation Algotech

The office in which we see clients in Rosemont is located on the 3rd floor of 3232 Belanger Street East (at the corner of Boulevard St-Michel), in the middle of the Algotech Rehabilitation Center .

The Algotech Rehabilitation Center is a modern and dynamic clinic where various rehabilitation professionals work together to help clients regain quality of life diminished by the accident.             


On days when one of our psychologists is in Algotech, he or she frequently receives clients with chronic pain and other difficulties related to an accident in which they have been involved. Working with a clientele in rehabilitation requires a certain approach that takes into account a major change in lifestyle, or even in the identity of the client who consults. And often, injuries incurred in a car accident or work accident reignite wounds of the past that were "forgotten". The suffering is important and these patients often need help to adapt to their new reality, whether temporary or permanent.             


However, our psychotherapy services in this clinic are not limited to patients who receive rehabilitation services. We also offer the same psychotherapy services as we do in our other offices in Mile End or Atwater .             

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