The First Appointment With a Psychologist

What to expect?

The first appointment with a psychologist can be stressful. Several fears may surface: how will it go? What will he think of me? Am I going to explain my situation in a clear fashion? Will he understand? Do I really need it?

Questions before the first meeting

If you live these fears or ask yourself these questions, before or after the first appointment, be aware that they are completely legitimate. After all, you do not know the psychologist you will meet, you may not know how a therapeutic process is going. Or, you are afraid of finding yourself with an intrusive person, who will not respect your limits, your intimacy. This page aims to demystify for you the first appointment.

The first appointment in psychotherapy

The first meeting in psychotherapy can be intimidating when you do not know what to expect.

What is the first meeting for?

The first meeting serves to establish a first contact. It allows you to discover the places where the sessions will take place. This meeting also allows you to meet your therapist and feel if you feel comfortable: it is important to feel at least confident in starting a therapy. Otherwise, how to take the risk of disclosing intimidate informations? You are invited to inform us of any discomfort that may arise during this meeting or any subsequent meetings. In the same way, you are invited to ask us the questions that come to you.             


The first meeting also serves to shed light on the situation that caused your request for help. As a psychologist, our role is to assess your difficulty, as well as your personality and your relationship. You will have the opportunity to explain to us what brings you into therapy, to express your fears, your doubts, your frustrations. It is with this information that we can               offer you a help adapted to your needs. It is possible that we invite you to share some elements of your past. However, as mentioned above, we pay particular attention to make sure you feel respected regarding how fast you're ready to disclose.

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A first therapeutic session is an opportunity for us to explain in more detail the framework that we adopt with our clients. At the end of this first meeting, we will have a better idea of what brings you to therapy and we will communicate our understanding of your situation. Together we will be able to identify a work goal.             


At the end of this first meeting, you will already have a good idea of what psychotherapy involves with one of our therapists. You will then be able to choose if this frame is suitable for you and if you wish to undertake a psychotherapy.

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The process of psychotherapy is always a bit mysterious. It would be normal for you to have other questions about the process in general or about our particular practice. We invite you to contact us if you wish to better understand how we work or if you have other fears.             


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